Assurance. Best Practice. Value

Our scheme consists of an audit support package that demonstrates compliance, embeds best practice into your organisation, and delivers value for money.

The service is tailored, taking into consideration the amount and types of data that your organisation handles. Certification is valid for one year.

The scheme includes a full audit against the requirements of GDPR covering:

Review of documentation:

A review of your information security policies and protocols.

Data privacy impact assessment:

Privacy by design to identify potential data privacy issues.

Information security audit:

A review of your IT infrastructure and cyber security arrangements.

Data mapping (audits & assets):

A review of the data you hold, where it’s stored, and why you’re holding it.

Action plan:

A detailed report of recommendations to achieve compliance.

Follow-up visit:

To sign off your action plan and issue your certificate of compliance.


Course discounts:

Reduced rates on our GDPR Awareness, GDPR Implementation and GDPR Internal Auditor courses.

Certification & logo:

Promote your compliance to customers and stakeholders with our certificate and logo. Valid for one year.

GDPR Compliance Scheme certificate

Available in PDF and hardcopy formats.

GDPR Compliance Scheme logo

Available as a vector download for your website and marketing materials.

Online verification:

Stakeholders can verify your compliance via our website portal.