Health and Safety

HSE Manager

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to shift work and meet deadlines. That's why we offer HSE Manager — our turn-on/turn-off health and safety support service.


Now you can get the assistance of experienced health & safety and HR consultants as and when you need it. HSE Manager is the perfect helping hand during recruitment drives or when team members are on leave, and it’s a cost-effective solution. We can help with recruitment selection, dispute investigation, or any health & safety matters.


What does HSE Manager cover?

  • Turn on/turn off service

  • Assistance with completion of risk assessments

  • Help with creation of safe systems of work (SSOW)

  • Health and safety audits and legal compliance

  • Top level documentation review, including health and safety policy, manual and procedures.

  • On-site and remote technical support, consultancy advice and training.


Compliance made easy


Our HSE Manager service provides you with all the tools and advice you need to stay legally compliant, starting with a complete review of the way you manage your health, safety and HR obligations in the workplace.


Our fully qualified consultants can highlight any areas of non-compliance. We will provide you with a detailed report to advise you on compliance matters and safe working procedures.


Tailored management system


We can help you to develop a bespoke health, safety and HR management system including policies, procedures, manuals and annual compliance audits to ensure you are always one step ahead.


FREE mobile app


Our HSE Manager app also makes it possible to complete compliance audits and risk assessments on the move. Access resources, tools and advice for running your company's HR department smoothly and safely.